Adrian Knight: Piano Music

R. Andrew Lee, piano

Paul Epstein: Piano Music

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"Lee performs this challenging music nimbly, with extraordinary verve and impressive rhythmic accuracy"
-Christian Carey

Manfred Werder: Stück 1998

Realized by Chilean guitarist, Cristián Alvear, this recording is part fourty-four of a four-thousand-page journey.

Jay Batzner: as if to each other…

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"sterling technique… icy, austere beauty.”

Memory and Weather

Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes
"A fabulous, off-beat release, beautifully presented."
-The Arts Desk

Foggy, Foggy Dew

Ensemble of Irreproducable Outcomes Bonus Album from Memory and Weather Sessions

Jürg Frey: pianist, alone

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"A marvelous recording and a great addition to the canons of both Frey and Lee"
-Just Outside

Dave Seidel: ~60 Hz

“A fine example of the artistry that can be inspired by the palette of the humble sine wave”
-Sequenza 21

Electronic Music Midwest

A diverse collection of electronic compositions from composers associated with the EMM Festivals

Eva-Maria Houben: Piano Music

R. Andrew Lee, piano
-The New Yorker

David D. McIntire:
Landscape of Descent

"It draws you in… hints at layers unheard"
-Just Outside

Dennis Johnson: November

R. Andrew Lee, piano
-Time Out New York

Jürg Frey: Piano Music

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"Lee sends his piano sounds into the air as if he was artistically placing stones in a Zen garden."
-Surround Journal

Scott Blasco: Queen of Heaven

Kari Johnson, piano
“A masterpice of classical, neoclassical, and refined noiseur modes."

William Duckworth:
The Time Curve Preludes

R. Andrew Lee, piano
“A captivating and thoughtful look at one of the more appealing examples of post-minimalism."
-Clavier Companion

Ann Southam:
Soundings for a New Piano

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"Magnificent music! ... performed with precision and sensitivity."
-La Scena Musicale

Hommage á Nancarrow

David D. McIntire, electronics

Tom Johnson: An Hour for Piano

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"I salute this uncovering and return to the repertoire of a gem of early American Minimalism"

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one gate, one hundred paths, one arrival (for john cage)

The Putney Project, Vol. 2

music of variable circumstance

The Putney Project, Vol. 1



unhurried, untitled

Longbow Creek

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