One Day as a Thousand Years

R. Andrew Lee, piano 
Just released!

Each flows into the other

R. Andrew Lee, piano 
A 2hr exploration of spectralism and diatonicism for piano and electronics by Bryan Christian. 

Scott Blasco: Pentecost

An electroacoustic contemplation on the mysteries of Pentecost

…city flexure...

Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes
Live recording from Silo City in Buffalo, NY

Buch der Räume und Zeiten

Various Performers 
A recording of all 253 possible combinations of this duo composition by Jürg Frey

Eighty Trips Around the Sun:
Music by and for Terry Riley

Sarah Cahill, piano
with Regina Myers and Samuel Adams, piano
-National Sawdust

The Four Pillars Appearing from The Equal D under Resonating Apparitions of The Eternal Process in The Midwinter Starfield 16 VIII 10 (Kansas City)

R. Andrew Lee, piano

Inner Monologues (Venn Diagram of Six Pitches)

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"The piece is exquisitely quiet, spare, and slow, opening with a single heavy chord that hangs in the air, loaded with portent."
-Best of Bandcamp

Adrian Knight: Piano Music

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"Lee’s interpretation of the small variations, reiterative fragments, sudden ruptures and profound clusters conceived by Knight is impeccable."
-Touching Extremes

Paul Epstein: Piano Music

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"Lee performs this challenging music nimbly, with extraordinary verve and impressive rhythmic accuracy"
-Christian Carey

Manfred Werder: Stück 1998

Realized by Chilean guitarist, Cristián Alvear, this recording is part fourty-four of a four-thousand-page journey.

Jay Batzner: as if to each other…

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"sterling technique… icy, austere beauty.”

Memory and Weather

Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes
"A fabulous, off-beat release, beautifully presented."
-The Arts Desk

Foggy, Foggy Dew

Ensemble of Irreproducable Outcomes Bonus Album from Memory and Weather Sessions

Jürg Frey: pianist, alone

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"A marvelous recording and a great addition to the canons of both Frey and Lee"
-Just Outside

Dave Seidel: ~60 Hz

“A fine example of the artistry that can be inspired by the palette of the humble sine wave”
-Sequenza 21

Electronic Music Midwest

A diverse collection of electronic compositions from composers associated with the EMM Festivals

Eva-Maria Houben: Piano Music

R. Andrew Lee, piano
-The New Yorker

David D. McIntire:
Landscape of Descent

"It draws you in… hints at layers unheard"
-Just Outside

Dennis Johnson: November

R. Andrew Lee, piano
-Time Out New York

Jürg Frey: Piano Music

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"Lee sends his piano sounds into the air as if he was artistically placing stones in a Zen garden."
-Surround Journal

Scott Blasco: Queen of Heaven

Kari Johnson, piano
“A masterpice of classical, neoclassical, and refined noiseur modes."

William Duckworth:
The Time Curve Preludes

R. Andrew Lee, piano
“A captivating and thoughtful look at one of the more appealing examples of post-minimalism."
-Clavier Companion

Ann Southam:
Soundings for a New Piano

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"Magnificent music! ... performed with precision and sensitivity."
-La Scena Musicale

Hommage á Nancarrow

David D. McIntire, electronics

Tom Johnson: An Hour for Piano

R. Andrew Lee, piano
"I salute this uncovering and return to the repertoire of a gem of early American Minimalism"

Silo City

one gate, one hundred paths, one arrival (for john cage)

The Putney Project, Vol. 2

music of variable circumstance

The Putney Project, Vol. 1



unhurried, untitled

Longbow Creek

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