Irritable Hedgehog is the publishing imprint of David D. McIntire and offers select recordings of minimalist and postminimalist repertoire, along with being the main conduit for McIntire's  compositions.

For those interested in the background of our peculiar name, it comes from an aphorism by the Greek lyric poet, Archilochus (c. 680-645 B.C.E):

"The fox knows many things; but the hedgehog knows one thing—one awesome thing."  (McIntire's paraphrase)

I take Archilochus's poem as an argument in favor of single-mindedness, and that is what we strive for here.  Many of my compositions are about a single idea, often explored at considerable length.  Years ago I wrote a saxophone quartet entitled 'Archilochus' Hedgehog,' and when I was casting about for a name for my music "company," the hedgehog concept reared its prickly head once more.  The hedgehog drawings are by my daughter, Eileen McIntire.  In a wave of devastating hubris, we have t-shirts available.  You could be the only person in your zip code to boast one.

Although Irritable Hedgehog was founded by David D. McIntire, it is not a one-person operation: 

Hedgehog Central:

David D. McIntire: electroacoustics, soundscapes, irritability

R. Andrew Lee: pianism, internets, vertical time

Scott Unrein: aetherial beauty, graphic wizardry, twins consultant

Will Robin: historicism, criticism, secretary of explaining stuff clearly

Rachel McIntire: video, images, global perspective

Eileen McIntire: hedgehogs, marketing, graphic novels

Michelle Allen McIntire: catalyst

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